Research and development

Science. Research. Technology. Production. Implementation.
We an international research and production team from Latvia, Russia, Canada, Finland, Netherland, China and Hong Kong offer innovative and green engineering solutions for greenhouse.
Over the past 7 years ELGRO has been actively developing, producing, testing and implementing the technology of supplementary hybrid lightning for greenhouse complexes together with the world's leading research and production centers.
product development
Top light supplementary lighting for horticulture.

We are the first who have developed and introduced the technology for correcting the spectrum of the traditional supplementary lighting system based on sodium lamps in greenhouses complexes by adding scarce spectral ranges with individual devices.
We participate in collaborative agricultural research with leading universities. Our main task is to search for unique and innovative solutions.

Our agricultural developments are gaining worldwide recognition. We do our development together with European funds.
Our products are made from the highest quality components and have all the necessary certificates.