Export management

We offer a wide range of corporate services, create turnkey market entry strategies for companies from different countries and regions that promote their products and services in international markets. We help to enter the market correctly, manage marketing and sales, build distribution networks. We find the most affordable and simplest solutions that work.

We offer practical export solutions that take into account the specifics of the business and geographical location and many other factors. As a result, we will reduce costs and time for accessing international markets, help the export department, or organize work from the very beginning.

Export management, consulting and trading agency

export Services
Export agent
Export agent acts as a representative of the manufacturer. Agent promotes the product and finds markets.
Export trading
Trading house is an organization - an exporter of goods and services from a specific country or group of countries. Trading house serves as a reseller, or as an organization created by the manufacturers themselves.
Export broker
Export broker brings buyers and sellers together. The broker receives a commission paid either by the buyer or seller, and does not bear any financial responsibility for the transaction.
Market research
When deciding to bring goods or services to a new market, it is very important to have objective and relevant information about the state of the market, competition and the expectations of potential customers.
Distribution by a manufacturer of products of another company abroad through its own marketing and sales system.
A full range of activities related to CE and other product certification: negotiations with notified laboratories and product testing.
Freight forwarder
An agent for freight shipping. Assistance in the shipment of exported goods, control and coordinate the movement of export shipment. Cordination of the movement of goods.
Technical and legal translation
High technical and legal qualifications of translations, guarantee of the accuracy of each translation.
Corporate services
Registration of a legal address, opening a bank account, obtaining a visa or work permit, organize and conduct any event, business conferences, seminars or product presentations.











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